Our cables, from experience to innovation

We analyse our clients’ technical specifications and operational applications requests prior to starting production, which is entirely carried out at our plant.
At our new production plant, the spacious environment and our switch from 2 to 3 production shifts allow us to quickly process the orders we receive.


First of all we design. We analyse the requirements and we carry out a feasibility study.
Before submitting our technical specifications to our clients for approval, we take into consideration the requested materials and their joining, the final use, the cable laying conditions, the transport logistics and every detail that needs to be considered from a design standpoint.


We provide samples that can undergo suitability tests (test report and type test) at our qualified internal and external labs.
We carry out thorough trials and we provide detailed technical specifications with our products.


We custom produce cables from a few meters to a few kilometres long with a consistent standard of quality across our range of products.
We optimise production, minimise waste and digitally check every step so as to track the entire production process.

Our technicians and skilled workers can step in across the whole production line.

We provide customised approvals upon request. Until now we have designed and developed a wide range of products that are approved for different business sectors and different types of cables.

Tinned or red flexible, semirigid or rigid strands with cross sections between 0.10mm2 and 1500 mm2.
Insulation, small tubing and tubing that can be extruded in our die extrusion division for both round and flat cable dies with a diameter between 0.30mm and 90mm in various types of material such as PVC, Rubber, polyurethane, BD/MD/HD polyethylene, polyester, thermoplastics or LSZH elastomeric material etc.
Cable joining twisting and stranding can be carried out with twisting, untwisting double twisting or planetary twisting equipment etc.
Electrostatic or electromagnetic shielding that can be taped, braided, wired, etc
Tape, braided, wire armour etc.
Main parts in steel aramid dyneema polyester and nylon fibres etc.
Paper, TNT, Polyester, PTFE, Kapton, Mica taping etc.

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