We create the cables of the future

We custom design the production of standard, special and hybrid cables bearing in mind the mechanical electrical and geometric features that are required.
We combine – firstly through the study phase, then testing, and finally production stages – very diverse elements: power conductors, signal cables, serial cables, optical fibres, fluid tubes etc.
We manufacture flexible quantities and, upon demand, we customise the delivery methods and time.


Custom designing, providing samples

When required, we provide test samples of our custom designed special and hybrid cables for testing.
Our cables, if requested, can be certified and approved as standard for our clients.

From micro to macro scale, everything in one cable

Our cables meet different requirements such as low toxic and corrosive gas emission (LS0H, mostly used in civil environments such as schools, theatres, hotels and hospitals), fire resistant with circuit integrity guarantee ect., resistance to low temperature and chemical agents (such as oil and hydrocarbons), UVA rays and abrasion etc.
We are able to produce on a small and large scale different types of cables: power and control, ground cables (both insulated and not), insulated flexible bars, instrumentation cables (including thermo couple), cables for PA and GA systems, flat cables, mobile laying and self-supporting cables etc.

We test everything, from performance to safety

Our technicians and quality control team monitor each production phase with high tech equipment and approved procedures.
When requested they carry out inspections and trial testing and suitability tests (test report and type test) at our qualified internal or external labs.
The cables we deliver to our clients are provided with specific technical specifications that provide all the design information and test reports.

We keep our word, we only produce quality cables

We design and manufacture cables according to the current national and international regulations, we comply with the certification specifications related to the relevant application sectors. Internally we comply with the quality standards required by the UNI EN 9001:2015 regulation and with the environmental standards in line with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 regulation. We give specific attention to

Fulfilling the relevant requirements and obligations of compliance.

Respecting legal and other types of requirements in reference to the environment.

Environment protection and pollution prevention.


Our reliability in one certificate

We comply with the quality standards set by the UNI EN 9001-2015 regulation and the environment standards set by the UNI EN ISO 14001-2015 regulation.

Following the introduction of the CPR EU number 305/2011 regulation (construction products regulation) we have designed and produced a wide range of products approved for different business sectors and cables and we are able to provide new customised approvals.