A year of important and significant changes for our company: new capital, new business strategies, new operational headquarters, and an image restyling.

News on the Thermocouple Market on FTC!

Dear colleagues in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Energy sectors,

We are all aware of the challenges in sourcing extension cable for thermocouples swiftly, with waiting times often extending up to 20 weeks. But today, we are excited to bring forth our solution to tackle this challenge!

In a world where speed is crucial, we are pleased to announce the availability of JX and KX Thermocouple Extension Cables in just 4 Weeks! We have listened to your needs and are committed to providing high-quality thermocouples, ready for use, within a short timeframe.

And why should you consider our thermocouples? Besides the quick delivery, here are some reasons:

Tailored for you: We primarily cater to integrators of electro instrumental systems for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Energy.

Technical Features: Our cables offer flexibility for customization with customer-requested colorations. They comply with international standards such as ANSI MC 96, IEC 584-3, DIN 43710. Additionally, they are available shielded, armoured, or both, and provide resistance to extreme temperatures, UV rays, hydrocarbons, oils, and surpass fire resistance tests.

Training Offered: In addition to the full range of commercial thermocouples, including Type J, Type K, Type E, Type N, and Type T, we provide sections from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm². We can also supply single-core, semi-rigid, and flexible wire alloys.

Our priority is to meet your needs with quality products, quick turnaround times, and impeccable customer service. We invite you to contact us now to overcome your sourcing challenges and ensure the success of your projects!

Interview with the Head of Safety and the Environment, Laura Destefanis

Third interview with one of our managers, Laura Destefanis – Head of Safety and Environment for FTC Cavi since May 2022.

Graduated in educational sciences, she maintains this vocation by bringing continuous training to the company, to improve the skills and knowledge of all workers. You firmly believe that the way to growth is shared knowledge, continuous updating, sharing of objectives.
A special consideration also for the environment, not only for work, in order to be able to trigger a virtuous production system, respecting both the rules and individuals
To learn more about Laura Destefanis, the full interview is on LinkedIn at this link

A new and important milestone for FTC Cables

We became, after a thorough audit, certified suppliers for USA and Canada of UL Styles cables (AWM file number E527502), mainly used in industrial automation.

We have given our usual quality a name and certification, E527502, which allows us today to supply UL Style cables for a wide spectrum of use:

UL Style 2464 PVC or PP Insulated, PVC jacketed cables, 80°C 300V rated
UL Style 20233 PP Insulated, PUR jacketed cables, 80°C 300V rated
UL Style 20549 PP Insulated, PUR jacketed cables, 80°C 300V rated
UL Style 21223 PP insulated, PUR jacketed cables, 80°C 600 or 1000V rated
UL Style 20234 PP insulated, PUR jacketed cables, 80°C 600 or 1000V rated

By making a simple registration you can learn more about our references on the UL Solutions portal, 5287053
and 5287055

To obtain the certification we had to meet product and process quality standards, which we must maintain constant over time.
We will undergo recurring inspections, providing samples of our products already in use on the market, for further checks and to validate continuous compliance with the required parameters.

Obtaining an important certification like UL makes us proud of our growth path and increasingly competitive in the market, in which we are recognizable for the speed of our response and delivery times, the quality of analysis of our laboratories and for the certifications that today have been extended with UL to the Canadian and US markets.

Companies wishing to learn more about UL cable supplies can contact our sales department

Interview with the Sales Manager, Claudio Gibertini

A new interview with one of our directors, Dr. Claudio Gibertini, responsible for the entire commercial area in Italy and abroad of FTC Cables.

Classic training and long experience in the manufacturing sector are the trump cards that our Sales Director uses every day to make our products known to old and new customers.

Classic training and long experience in the manufacturing sector are the aces in the hole that our Sales Director uses every day to introduce our products to existing and new customers.

Thanks to him and his team, every single request for cables is accepted and processed in our company and each of our new cable proposals reaches specialized companies and markets.

For each sector, without limits, Claudio Gibertini brings our cables around the world, thanks to his strategic, management and sales skills.

To get to know him better, the full interview can be read on LinkedIn by clicking here link.

For those wishing to meet him at the upcoming trade fairs ENLIT EUROPE 2022 – Frankfurt – November 29 – December 1 2022 you can make an appointment by writing to or

Do you work with the United States and Canada? You need our approved cables

We have been working for some months on the development and approval of the cables required by the US and Canadian market. It is about:

control cables for industrial automation, to be installed in machinery / panels (recognized);

instrumentation cables to be used in classified areas (at risk of explosion) for chemical / petrochemical plants (listed).

We have carried out an in-depth technical study, formulated and tested our products, now we are preparing for approval. We are specialized both in production sectors and in individual markets, we always intervene by responding quickly.

Response time ,  our strong point

Let’s take a closer look at some important numbers that characterize the way FTC works:

– 48/72 hours to draw up a technical offer report;

– 2 weeks from when a cable is put into production to when it comes out on the drum;

– 4/6 weeks between taking charge and processing the order.

Numbers that few companies can do, for which we guarantee high precision and quality, compliance with all regulations, respectful workflows in every part of the supply chain.

This is also why our customers renew their trust, one order after another.

We are ready to guarantee these times even to new customers.

If you want to understand how, write to our sales department

New Head of Safety and Environment

In May, a new figure takes place within the FTC staff: we welcome the new Safety Manager, Dr. Laura Destefanis.

Behind her a four-year degree and a specialization in the aeronautical sector, one of the areas in which our cables are used.

During the year, Doctor Destefanis will also be delegated the role of Environmental Management System Manager, thus completing her role as Aspp.

Our growth process is thus enriched with a new competence, the specific one of Safety and Environment. It will support Quality, always guided by Doctor Cargnino.

We wish Laura good work and encourage cooperation between all our employees.

Interview with the Production Manager Filippo Bricco

Today the first of the interviews with one of our directors comes out. Let’s start with Production, asking three questions to Engineer Filippo Bricco, who after a qualified career in various multinationals has chosen to join FTC in the growth challenge for the next five years.

Under the direction of Engineer Bricco, crucial steps in the production of cables take place every day: from the procurement of raw materials to the study of technical specifications, from production control to the logistics of order delivery.

The full interview can be read on LinkedIn by clicking here

Follow The Cable the new FTC newsletter

We close the month of April, introducing a new tool, which we have created to keep in touch with our customers: a newsletter that will arrive in the inbox of subscribers every two months.

We want to build a direct and special dialogue with those who have already chosen us and with those who will choose us. We will be even closer to your needs.

We will update you on the news concerning our company, in great transformation from 2021, we will take you to the heart of operations and invite you to follow our deliveries all over the world.

We called it “Follow The Cable” and registering is really simple: just click on this link and enter your data. We do the rest every two months

Oil & Gas-EN-Web

New Oil & Gas Program

In our vision for the five-year period 2021-2025, the Oil & Gas sector represents an important challenge. A market in which we are already present, which requires a continuous study and enhancement of our products in terms of efficiency, costs and improvement of new technologies. In addition, safety is an essential value to be respected in supplies for the Oil & Gas sector. We have collected our experience, the potential and versatility of our production in a new thematic brochure. To download it in pdf format just click here.

New investments: quadrupled production, halved delivery times

From September 2021 we have a new headquarters, near Turin. We occupy an area of 20,000 square meters, which brings together all the production activities that allows us to fulfill orders quickly and easily.

We have made technological investments that guarantee the optimal interconnection of new and old machinery, to increase production and reduce the time for processing orders.

Go to the contact us section and write to us, we will reply within one working day.

insegna 2modificata

Our communication

2021 was a year of growth for our company. In the future, demanding challenges await us which we wish to share.

Our communication channels are therefore born and strengthened. We will take you to our world through:

. the bimonthly newsletter, to which it will be possible to subscribe soon;

. the news on this web-site to keep you informed;

. periodic publications on LinkedIn to update you on our industry and the way we work.

We will talk about the company, the products, the raw materials and the production processes, the certifications that lead us to meet the needs of many companies in the industrial and civil sectors.

A new graphic design

We have encapsulated everything in our logo that represents the development of our current changes and is in line with the colours that have identified FCT right from the start.

We have also created a new brochure that describes our present and future activity, because we believe in clear information.

You can download it by clicking here, or you can request here the hard copy via email.


International shows

Trade fairs are reopening their doors to visitors and exhibitors that offer and look for innovation. We are going to take part in two important fairs at the end of 2021 with a stand that reflects our ongoing changes.
In Italy we are at OMC – Med Energy Conference and Exhibition in Ravenna, from the 28th to the 30th of September.

In Italy we are at OMC – Med Energy Conference and Exhibition in Ravenna, from the 28th to the 30th of September.

EMC post linkedin we are exhibiting

In Europe we are at EMC – Eastern Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition in Nicosia Cyprus, from the 10th to the 12th of October.

See you there! We look forward to hearing the needs of your business and show you our tailor made design and production solutions.